Ready for some Wet Paws hydrotherapy

The water treadmill

Defor enjoys a swim in the pool Hydrotherapy is a natural treatment in which the combination of warm water and weightlessness are used to allow relaxation and freedom of movement.
When a dog enters the water and starts to swim, it stimulates muscles that may not have been used in years.

It aids injured dogs to slowly build up strength without injury caused by putting weight on weak joints or muscles.

Fit animals also benefit – five minutes in a pool is equivalent to a four to five mile walk or a hundred yard run!
Muscles begin to waste within a few days of immobilisation so it’s very important to rebuild through safe, non load-bearing exercise to help prevent further weakness.
It is also very beneficial in the management of obesity.

The water treadmill is operated by an ACPAT registered Physiotherapist, it is another option and sometimes more suitable for some dogs.