Wet Paws pool

The water treadmill

Wet Paws pool

Wet Paws is easy to find with private off road parking.

There is a designated exercise area for your dog prior to swimming.

There is a comfortable waiting room with complimentary tea and coffee.

We have a set of professional scales to monitor your dogs weight and we also sell a small range of dog products.

New state of the art Tudor underwater treadmill with adjustable water level, speed and incline .It is a safe, controlled and effective option for rehabilitation and excellent for gait assessment and re education.

The pool is a purpose built polypropylene canine pool and measures 4.25m x 2.5m x 1.2m deep, surrounded by a raised platform. It is fitted with two swim jets, which can be directed separately to provide water flow for the dogs to swim against, if required. The water is chemically treated with chlorine and continually filtered to maintain high standards of hygiene. The water is tested and recorded throughout the day to ensure the correct chemical and PH balance for the safety of your dog.

It is heated to the recommended temperature of 28°C for the best benefits of treatments.

The pool is entered via a gentle non-slip ramp system leading to the internal ramp and resting area. The shower is integrated into this to enable showering before and after the swim.

We have a selection of canine life jackets or harnesses, which your dog will be required to wear depending on their swimming ability.